Banking and Finance Law

Our lawyers work with banks, other financial institutions and Greek companies on the entirety of the banking and finance laws. The work covers banking debt collection, loan agreements, lease agreements, bank guarantee letters and debt financing.

Corporate Law

We serve as outside counsels to clients ranging from the local family-owned business to national publicly traded firms. We assist clients in a wide variety of corporate transaction and litigation matters, including organization, corporate financing, securities law compliance matters, director and officer liability, liquidations and dissolutions. Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive advice on matters ranging from the most basic of corporate housekeeping to matters of complex corporate transactions and litigation.

Establishment Of Companies

We provide a full range of services by establishing business companies in Greece, or buying shares of business companies and modifying articles of association. We prepare the articles of association and other company documents also on foreign languages if needed. We establish companies, preparing special articles of associations for the needs of the clients. We act swiftly in order to achieve the establishment within 2-4 working days.

Restructuring and Insolvency

Acting through an economic crisis period, restructuring and insolvency cases dominated the Greek legal system. Our lawyers advised clients, who had liquidity and insolvency problems how to take the necessary legal measures under the corporate and bankruptcy laws. Also we advised many clients for restructuring their companies’ debts.

Contract Law

The basis of a sound relationship with a counter party depends on a feasible contract that is protecting the interests of the parties in a fair manner within the scope of business and the boundaries of law. Having an academic and professional expertise on contract law, we mainly advise on civil law contracts, real estate and construction contracts, service contracts, distribution contracts, commercial lease contracts, agency contracts and many other commercial contracts.

Real estate law

Offering up-to-date understanding of the Greek real estate and planning law, our is accustomed to effectively dealing with all issues concerning property and real estate transactions by foreigners in Crete. In the field of real estate law we offer our clients the following services:

  • Preparation, revision and processing of sale and rental contracts
  • Clearing up of questions relating to ownership
  • Correction of entries in the property registry and land registry
  • Lawsuits of real estate issues
  • Consultation about requesting and cancelling mortgages
  • Help in obtaining financing for a purchase

Our expertise is finely-tuned to the needs of private and commercial clients, especially non-residents of Crete. Together with our partners, engineers and accountants, we are able to take care of every detail. For customers buying in urban and rural areas, we pay particular attention to verifying planning requirements & compliance and that no debts are held against the property so that title is fully secured. For customers buying off-plan or properties under construction we negotiate staged payments to ensure that the purchaser is always protected by the appropriate guarantees. We also act for clients wishing to claim against developers that have defaulted on agreed delivery of a property.

You can look to us too, for practical from advice on mortgages & tax matters to taking care of day-to-day issues such as the transfer mains services.

Family and Succession Law

Our office effectively deals with matrimonial law, divorce and judicial separation before the Greek courts.

We also assist clients on the Greek succession regulations and disputes relating to inheritance issues.